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6 Quick articles for a first time manager

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Becoming a Manager is a big deal. Like, a really big deal. Taking on a role in a small company where you do some "leadership type things" is also really important!

Far too often, the step from 'individual contributor' to Manager is glossed over, rushed, assumed, or forced. The promotion into this step should be, in my opinion, done carefully and deliberately - with a proper amount of excitement, accolades, and support!

But regardless of how it happened, you may find yourself in that seat now. It's time to think a little bit differently, act a lot differently, and judge your own work and success differently.

To begin thinking this way, I have relied upon 6 pieces, from various authors and sources, that I share with first-time managers:

  1. 5 Essential Lessons for First Time Managers, 'The Muse' (contributor to

  2. 8 Tips to Help First-Time Managers Thrive, Craig Cincotta (on

  3. Why First-Time Managers Fail, Andrew G. Rosen (U.S. News)

...after you read them (or at least skim them for key ideas & topics), think about what you want to incorporate into your own leadership & management! You know yourself and your situation best.

I recommend making a brief list of the ideas that resonate with you right now and write them down. From that list, pick one (yes, ONE) topic you will focus on for the next few months. Make that a part of your study, learning and daily management practices!

Then, once you feel like you've almost 'mastered' that one, do it again! Pick another, then another. #onebyone #slowandsteadywinstherace


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