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I'm Scott Ence.
I help small(ish)  companies  


Now more than ever, managing the 'people side' of the business well can be a differentiator for your company, to enable success and growth!  Think big, start small.

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My Approach

What is "HR" in a small business?

  • ✔ Tier 1: Essentials and Compliance
    How do I pay my people? Am I following the employment laws? What practices should I follow to just cover the basics?
  • ✔ Tier 2: Cornerstones of Success
    What experience are my employees having? What culture am I building? How do I communicate with them? Do they understand their role? Are leaders learning and growing?
  • ✔ Tier 3: Competitive Advantage Through People and Culture
    Are my employees invovled with and aware of my purpose & goals? Am I training up leaders to take on more? Am I hiring and retaining the most important people? Am I compensating my people in a way that supports my future plans and goals?

I think of it in three tiers...

My approach

Building HR
in a Small Business

Building solid HR practices in your business will ensure solid footing for future growth and success!  
"Think big, start small!"

We can talk about the first steps to take...

Not even sure where to start or what to do?  Let's talk!

I have a thorough "organization assessment" audit to review your business - reach out for more info!

My approach

Make real work happen


About me

I help companies become their best!

During my 15+ years in HR, I have learned the importance of doing things the right way, and the power of connecting HR practices with business strategy. I have worked in companies from 40 to 2,000, and identified some key themes that help teams, and companies succeed.​

While I specialize in professional services and technology companies, I'm excited to share my own experience and knowledge with small businesses, and build community with leaders and HR professionals who can help enable small businesses to thrive!!!



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