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A note to HR Business Partner Roundtable friends...

If you're reading this, you were likely directed here... you have been connected to the HRBP Roundtable during 2021 in some way - either attended, been invited, expressed interest, etc.

First off - THANKS! It's been cool to connect with, and learn from, many of you.

I'm canceling the final roundtable, in October, for scheduling reasons, but I wanted to leave a note to share a bit about what I'm up to, and how to keep in touch!

If you are an "HR Team of One" - I would love for you to join a new community I'm building. Either free Facebook or LinkedIn groups, or a Premier Access monthly subscription to stay connected and get exclusive content like roundtables similar to the ones we had this year.

Next, for everyone - I partner with a group that uses Predictive Index as a foundation for hiring, talent management, and org design. I am able to invite friends to take a self-assessment free of charge! If you are interested in taking it for yourself, here's a link! Even if you are curious, give it a shot! :)

The true majority of my work is focused on independent "freelance" HR work (project-based).

Management training, compensation analysis, engagement survey strategy, etc... you name it! Any size company. If you want to chat about a project or something you just haven't had time to tackle, please reach out! ;)

Finally, I would LOVE to keep in touch with anyone who has touched this roundtable at all this year... please connect on LinkedIn, and/or drop me a note if you would like to connect ( Wishing you the very best as the year concludes, and a safe and successful 2022!

Thanks again!


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