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My world of "self employment"...

Hey there! Thanks for checking in!

I left my 'corporate' HR job in August, and decided to venture out on my own... I describe myself as a "Freelance HR Director"; it's been a bit more descriptive and helpful than just saying "Consultant"...

I have divided my work into three lanes:

1) Ongoing HR Consultant/Advisory services, for small businesses.

Companies that have already covered the basics of payroll, hiring, etc. and are looking for the next step in people management and leadership practices.

2) Online community for those doing HR all on their own, in small businesses.

Either a sole HR employee for the company or someone who has been given HR tasks as part of their responsibilities.

Does that sound like you? Are you an "HR Team of One"? Come join us!

Premier Access here (monthly subscription)

(Includes access to monthly 'expert session' webinars, specific content and help with *your* issues and topics, and deeper connection and conversation with other community members. More personal than a FB group with a huge audience.)

3) HR/Organizational projects that are important, but usually don't reach the "urgency" level for the HR team to tackle in the near term (usually small(ish) to medium-sized companies).

Current examples include:

-Leadership training - HR Basics and Effective Interviewing

-Succession planning program, roadmap, and execution

-Employee career development strategy

-Diversity & Inclusion audit in compensation, management, and HR practices

Finally, many have (very kindly) asked the question, "what can I do to help?".

I'm honestly touched and humbled by the number of people who have reached out with this inquiry.

Definitely appreciate referrals for lanes one and three, but I find the word of mouth and social media sharing are most helpful for lane two - if you know someone who does "HR Stuff" for their small business, please share the links above! All are welcome to join!

Thanks again, for taking an interest in my current work, Would love to connect or re-connect anytime! Drop me a line -

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